Whitepaper E-facturatie

E-facturatie heeft de toekomst. Maar in het bedrijfsleven stuurt men liever pdf-facturen per e-mail naar elkaar. Zowel technologische ontwikkelingen als de overheid gaan op zeer korte termijn een belangrijke rol spelen in de adoptie van e-facturatie.

Lees er alles over in onze white paper.



      White Paper | E-invoicing: Slow but Steady Adoption

      E-invoicing is a typical exponent of our time. Terms such as "digital transformation", "big data", and "artificial intelligence" are often heard. But although data might be considered to be the new oil; it flows only moderately at financial departments.

      In some regard, this may come as a suprise as the processing and storage of invoices in the form of data files entails merely advantages and no disadvantages. A lack of critical mass seems to play part in the slow adoption. You can read more about it in our latest white paper E-invoicing: Slow but steady adoption.

      Note that the white paper is currently only available in the Dutch language.

      About ICreative

      As Basware and Kofax partner, ICreative delivers purchase to pay and e-invoicing solutions to large corporations and institutions. Our solutions offer more control on business spend and less complexity of the purchase to pay process.

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