Basware is the leading provider of purchase-to-pay software for large companies and institutes. Basware also provides a global network that, amongst others, enables p2p related documents to be converted to a format that meets the needs of the receiving party. 

Basware Purchase to Pay

Basware is the leading supplier of purchase-to-pay technology for large corporations and institutions.

Thanks to Basware, the complete purchase to pay proces can be transformed to an automated, data-driven and intelligent p2p system.

Besides their p2p technology, Basware offers the largest open business network in the world: the Basware Network. This network allows p2p related documents such as invoices and purchase orders to be converted to any format between suppliers and customers.

Hence, Basware delivers an end-to-end solution for companies that allows them to reduce the complexity of the purchase to pay process, while enhancing visibility and control on the process at the same time.

Manual intervention is only required to manage exceptions.

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1985, Espoo, Finland
Headquarters Espoo, FinlandFIN
Management Vesa Tykkyläinen, CEO; Niclas Rosenlew, CFO
Employees 1889
Exchange Nasdaq Helsinki: BAS1V
148,6 milion (2016)

Basware and ICreative

Software itself does not equal a solution. Software has to be applied in order to make a solution. ICreative is the most seasoned Basware partner in the world. 

We implement purchase-to-pay automation with Basware technology in your business, support your operations with our Academy and Service Center, and transform your purchase and pay processes with our consultants to purchase-to-pay excellence.

Examples of purchase-to-pay excellence include the execution of additional validation and enrichment of invoices received from suppliers; the boarding of suppliers to Basware Network to leverage e-invoicing; and the use of robotic process automation to automate processes that are associated with purchase-to-pay.

We have performed a vast number of Basware implementations that usually commence in the Netherlands. Because many of our customer run an international business, the initial implementation is followed by an international roll-out that cover different continents.

Besides transforming a purchase-to-pay process to a data-driven and automated system, we also connect companies, both our customers and their suppliers to the largest open business network in the world, the Basware Network. This allows all connected parties to send and receive invoices and orders in their preferred format. The Basware Network takes care of conversion between different formats.

Basware Trainings

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As Basware and Kofax partner, ICreative offers e-invoicing and purchase-to-pay solutions to large companies, institutions and governments. Our solutions provide more controle on business spend and less complexity of the purchase-to-pay process.

We’d like to keep you posted regarding purchase-to-pay and e-invoicing matters. If you’d like to exchange thoughts with us on how to improve and automate these processes, feel free to contact us.

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ICreative transformeert gefragmenteerd processen met ongestructureerde informatie naar data-gedreven en intelligente purchase-to-pay en e-facturatie oplossingen.


Wij implementeren en supporteren cloud software van enkele grote wereldspelers.


Met procesoptimalisatie en verbetering van datakwaliteit leveren wij P2P Excellence.


Wij bieden continue trainingen en webinars aan en organiseren een jaarlijkse klantendag.

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