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Faulty Invoices: The silent time-robbers in your company

Received invoices that do not meet your business requirements and then return to the sender. It is in many companies a daily recurrent source of annoyance. Examples of inaccuracies include: the lack of payment information, order or invoice number, incomplete statement of amounts or incorrect statement.

The time-robbing manual process

The process of returning that incorrect invoice contains many successive manual actions that are often performed by different persons. This leads to a significant increase in the chance of new errors. Practice: First, the (order) invoice is taken from the application to counteract further processing. The employee copies the document or stores it digitally and sends it to the correct colleague or department.

Then you will find the contact details of the relevant supplier and then send an e-mail with an explanation of the reasons for return / rejection. Sometimes the original document is also added to the e-mail and is recorded again in a return register. And this is only about a single wrong bill.

Choose for smarter and faster

It will not surprise you that the integration of all of these process steps within a system is many times more efficient. Smart integration reduces lead time, reduces the likelihood of errors and adds a professional look to your clients. With Kofax or Basware software, the return of an incorrect invoice is complete automatically.

How it works

The image of the (order) invoice and extracted data is already present. The supplier's email address is most likely also available through a link with P2P software or the financial system. The application may offer the opportunity to present predefined return reasons as selection or to enable free entry fields. The document can then be sent to another person for approval. All the criteria have actually been completed and pre-processed. After parade, the system automatically generates an email with the reasons for return to the supplier's email address including the attachment. Optionally, all extracted data can be sent to a return registration system.

Save time

That way, you will be in front of the misery before even the incorrect bill of money, time, money and energy from your internal organization drops. Switching to such a system is simpler than it may seem, even if you already have Kofax or Basware software already in use but have not yet used this process. Contact us. We would like to tell you more about it.

Emile Hijdra
Senior Consultant ICreative

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