Digital transformation of purchase to pay

Intelligent, data-driven solutions for more control over and less complexity in procurement and accounts payable.

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Digitale Transformatie van Purchase-to-Pay

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More control, less complexity

An integral, data-driven and lean approach to procurement and accounts payable (purchase to pay), reduces operational costs, improves relationships with suppliers, mitigates compliance risks, and obtains control over cash flow. Continue reading.


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How can corporate organizations prevent maverick buying?

Maverick buying occurs within a corporate organization when purchases are made without oversight or control from Procurement. This has several disadvantages, such as the fact that it is not transparent or compliant. Furthermore, maverick spend can result in missed opportunities for procurement...
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Guest blog TU Delft: Reduced ordering costs thanks to intuitive procurement process

Within most large organizations, Finance and Procurement are often separate entities. At the Technical University of Delft (TU Delft), we are no exception, but we are taking steps in the right direction. As project manager for the Procurement department, my goal is to break down those silos and...
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How Lean Six Sigma Helps Optimize Your Purchase-to-Pay Process

The purchase-to-pay process of corporate organizations comprises various strategic processes (such as sourcing or contract management) and operational processes (e.g. procurement and invoice processing). The p2p-process can be made more efficient through automation. However, before embarking on...


4CEE - Trendrapport 2024 - Digitale transformatie Finance en Inkoop


Trend Report: Digital Transformation in Finance & Procurement 

  • To what extent does indirect spend pose challenges for Finance and Procurement?
  • How many Dutch corporates pay their invoices on time?
  • Which trends and developments have influence on Procurement and Accounts Payable?

Independent research agency DirectResearch questioned more than 200 Dutch Finance and Procurement professionals about the digital transformation of their fields. 

You can read the results in the Trend Report Digital Transformation Finance & Procurement, which you can download for free.

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