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Digitale Transformatie van Purchase-to-Pay

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Purchase-to-Pay Automation

Control on business spend reduces operational costs, allows a stronger negotiation position with suppliers, and an improved cashflow.




Regulated and decentralized purchasing

Contrary to purchases that serve a company's primary activities, there is in general much less control over purchases related to secondary activities. By offering the portfolio of preferred suppliers in a web shop environment, employees can make their own purchases albeit in a fully regulated manner.


E-invoicing and automatic invoice processing

Motivating suppliers to deliver e-invoices is challenging. Hence we convert all receiving invoices to a standardized XML invoice. These XML invoices can be processed fully automatically. Especially if preceded by a purchase order that has already been approved.






Control over purchases, invoices and contracts

Control over purchase-to-pay is achieved by making all purchases and invoices are made insightful. Per category and per supplier. This allows a well-considered selection of preferred suppliers to be made with whom  purchase prices and discounts for early payments can be negotiated.

Why ICreative

ICreative helps ambitious enterprises, institutions and governments with the digital transformation of procurement and invoice processing.



We are specialized in purchase-to-pay automation for ambitious organizations and very experience with international roll-outs.



Besides offering Basware solutions, we develop and offer our own software and services in order to push automation to the limits.



We are proud of our customers.  Our dedicated supports team sees to it that our solutions continue to work in optimal condition.



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ICreative to unveil a new logo and house style

ICreative has announced that it will soon be unveiling a new logo and house style as part of its parent company’s repositioning. “Our new brand identity will reinforce our ambitious goal of further reducing the administrative burden on our clients,” comments Vincent Wouters, CEO of ICreative.


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Research findings: Significant differences in the degree of P2P automation

Although Dutch companies are receiving ever fewer paper-based invoices, electronic invoices have not yet become popular. On average, 74% of invoices are submitted as a PDF attachment in an email. Meanwhile, just 15% of Dutch businesses can process invoices completely automatically. These are the...

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Basware offers new functionalities for blanket orders

Basware has released new functionality for blanket orders. This new improvement in Basware Purchase enables companies to manage their spend even more effectively and achieve an even higher level of automation.

A blanket purchase order is an ongoing agreement between a supplier and organization to...

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