Invoice status

met ICreative Invoice Status Portal

Is your Accounts Payable Department regularly burdened with phone calls and emails from suppliers with questions about their invoices? With ICreative’s Invoice Status Portal, suppliers can now view the status of submitted invoices themselves.





What it is

To request the status of an invoice, suppliers can navigate to the Invoice Status Portal, which is accessible via your website. With a few adjustments, the portal can be given the look and feel of your corporate identity. A supplier only needs to enter the invoice number, invoice date and gross amount of the relevant invoice. If these numbers are correct, access to the portal will be granted.The Invoice Status Portal then automatically displays the status of the invoice is in the process, which can be “received”, “pending”, “processed”, “paid” or “canceled”. In case a supplier further likes to inquire about the status of an invoice, he simply needs to click on the e-mail icon depicted next to the status, upon which he can send an e-mail which automatically includes all the relevant details of the concerning invoice.

Why use it

  • Significantly fewer phone calls and emails to the accounts payable department
  • Fast insight for suppliers
  • No login information required
  • Linked to Basware or any other financial / invoice management system
  • Adopts the look and feel of your own corporate identity



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