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ICreative Gold Partner Factuurcongres 2018

For over 10 years, the Dutch Factuurcongres presents an event to present and discuss the current state of affairs with respect to automation of financial processes, including invoice automation and e-invoicing which allows for smart integration with other business processes.

ICreative is Gold Partner for this year´s edition, which will be held on April the 18th at the NBC Congrescentrum in Nieuwegein. We hope to see you there.

About ICreative

As Basware and Kofax partner, ICreative delivers purchase to pay and e-invoicing solutions to large corporations and institutions. Our solutions offer more control on business spend and less complexity of the purchase to pay process.

Innovestit Group active in consolidation wave Dutch software companies

Ede, September 1, 2017 – After financing a startup for Robotic Process Automation, Coforce B.V. earlier this year, the Innovestit Group now takes over the service provider Diesis Consultancy B.V. The acquisition of Diesis further elaborates on the strategy to become a broader ICT knowledge partner for the CFO. It underlines the wish to strengthen the position of the Innovestit Group through acquisitions in addition to autonomous growth. In addition to in-depth knowledge of Purchase to Pay and Robotic Process Automation, the acquisition of Diesis now adds Order to Cash and Financial Process Knowledge. The latter is used in the implementation of complex financial accounting software, Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management environments. For Diesis, the acquisition means that it can maximize its synergies with other companies in the group. Current Director Tino Wendriks will continue to lead the organization.

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Basware leader in eProcurement

Ede, Netherlands, June 8 2017 – Forrester compared twelve providers of eProcurement. De research contained questionnaires, product demonstrations and discussions with client references. The vendors were then scored against a comprehensive set of 30 evaluation criteria, including current offering, strategy and market presence.

The Forrester report states that Basware excels in invoice automation. Basware’s focus on automating processes and minimizing manual approvals is unique. Besides that, Basware has the broadest functionality to manage different spend categories and invoice capture methods. Basware has been very successful selling to European multinationals.  Read more

ICreative has been ISO 9001 and 27001 certified

Ede, the Netherlands, 18 April 2017  ICreative, the Dutch Purchase-to-Pay specialist, has earned its ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications, confirming the high quality of its services. With these certifications, ICreative demonstrates that its quality management and information security are up to par. “Our range of services continues to expand and we offer e-invoicing as a service more and more often,” says Vincent Wouters, Managing Director at ICreative. “With ISO 9001 and 27001, we demonstrate the quality of our business processes and information security and the fact that continuous improvement is a core tenet of our organisation.

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Business Consultant

Wij zijn system integrators, consultants en business developers. Wij transformeren de operaties van onze klanten graag in een geautomatiseerde en slimme werkomgeving. Waar mensen niet moeite moeten doen om informatie te verzamelen, standaardiseren en valideren. Omdat de juiste informatie altijd voor hen beschikbaar is. Waar en wanneer ze een beslissingen moeten nemen. Wij zijn ICreative. En wij zoeken onze nieuwe Business Consultant!

Als Business Consultant bij ICreative help je multinationals en non-profit organisaties met de automatisering van het inkoop- tot betalingsproces (Purchase to Pay). Denk bijvoorbeeld aan het digitaliseren van documenten, het automatisch verwerken van inkomende facturen en het analyseren van uitgaven en leveranciers. Je adviseert onze klanten (top 500 organisaties) over de optimale inrichting voor hun proces. Hierdoor transformeer je hun proces en creëer je strategisch toegevoegde waarde. Read more

Allow more faults to save costs

At the start of each purchase to pay implementation, the project group defines under what conditions an invoice will match with an order. These conditions are defined with common sense and are based on years of experiences. Sometimes it’s even a policy within the company that differences can’t be larger than amount X. given this fact our consultants will translate this common sense to the Alusta environment and every time an invoice doesn’t meet the criteria it will be transferred to manually matching.

But what does this mean?

It means that an invoice needs to be taken apart and researched by the AP clerk. In most cases this price difference can’t be tracked by the clerk and he/she will send it out to the person that made the order, the buyer. The buyer will look at the invoice and see that there is some logic behind the price difference, that prices aren’t updated in the purchasing system or other various reasons why the difference is correct. After this the invoice will be approved by one or multiple people and be released for payment. If a price difference isn’t trackable the buyer will contact the supplier and ask for an credit invoice.

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E-Invoicing: Stick to the Norm!

Much has changed in recent years on my visits to companies in the Netherlands. Every rational person knows by now that electronic invoices are better and more efficient than the use of paper or PDF files. Better for the sender who no longer incurs costs for producing and sending paper invoices. Better for the receiver who can process invoices more quickly and efficiently, which in turn benefits the sender. And better for the environment; less paper, less felling of trees, a smaller environmental footprint and thus a better world for future generations. E-invoicing is therefore a no-brainer.

Nevertheless, e-invoicing is not widely supported. We are all busy with ongoing projects. Busy dealing with day-to-day issues. Thus, a subject such as e-invoicing is often neglected. All the more because it is difficult to envisage in advance how e-invoicing should be organised and what cost savings can be achieved. We therefore tackle more tangible projects such as replacing the ERP system or transferring office automation to the cloud.

Besides, e-invoicing also has implications for suppliers and clients. They therefore need to be involved in the implementation of e-invoicing. Because a company can have hundreds, or even thousands of business partners, suppliers as well as clients, it is a considerable undertaking to communicate with all these companies in order to implement e-invoicing and put it into operation.

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ICreative chosen as Basware partner of the year

Ede, Netherlands, 13 February 2017 – ICreative has once again been chosen as Basware partner of the year. And this obviously makes us a bit proud. Especially considering the fact that about 14 years ago we gained partnership with the purchase to pay automation software giant. “It’s a clear sign of gratitude and we are still happy to receive it after all these years,” says Vincent Wouter, Managing Director, ICreative. “Over the years, Basware has evolved into a global leader in purchase to pay solutions, and in their wake, we have developed ourselves quite a bit as well. Albeit in a much smaller geographical area, but at the same time, also in a much shorter timeframe”.

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How much control do you have over your purchase to pay process?

Now that the economy is clearly picking up again, the way in which you set up your purchase to pay process requires more attention than ever. Cost savings, transparency, doing more with fewer people at a lower margin, while at the same time engaging in more intensive client contact, more sales meetings, an increasing flow of purchase invoices and successful conclusion of this first calendar month: it may sound familiar to you. However, the same applies to the turmoil that can arise if your purchase to pay process is not set up optimally. 

Unburdening with a capital U

“We regularly receive signals from the market, but one word crops up far more than others’, explains Jeroen Rozeboom, Sales Director at ICreative, the specialist in purchase to pay and e-invoicing solutions, ‘our (prospective) clients demand Unburdening. It is not unusual for companies to find that when business is good, automated processes that had been perfectly effective until then can no longer cope with increased procedural demands. Independently operating departments, different applications, administrative employees who spend more time checking than leading the process proactively: all thorns in the side of the finance manager and the business controller. After all, they are responsible for overall process improvement and continuity and it is difficult to get a handle on that if the processes and relevant automation are not integrated.”

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ICreative wishes you all the best for 2017

ICreative wishes you a great and prosperous 2017. We hope to see you at one of our events this year. Be sure to also join our mailinglist and stay tuned for all the latest news.