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Basware offers new functionalities for blanket orders

Basware has released new functionality for blanket orders. This new improvement in Basware Purchase enables companies to manage their spend even more effectively and achieve an even higher level of automation.

A blanket purchase order is an ongoing agreement between a supplier and organization to deliver a specific amount of goods or services at a predetermined price over a defined time. It is based on either a maximum order quantity or monetary value that cannot be exceeded. Blanket orders are common when purchasing services such as maintenance or consultancy.

End to workaround with partial invoices

The total amount of a blanket order is usually invoiced in several parts. In the past, it was necessary to create a purchase order in Basware for each partial invoice in order to be able to match the partial invoices automatically. Another way to allow the partial invoices to be matched was to calculate percentages of the quantity. For example, if a company hired in a consultant for €5,000, the purchaser would set the quantity to 1 because it involved one consultant. If the consultant then submitted an invoice for €1,000, the purchaser would set the quantity to 0.2. These workarounds are no longer necessary.

The new blanket order functionality in Basware Purchase enables users to work with sums rather than quantities. In the case of the example above, the €1,000 can be automatically matched against the blanket order for €5,000 and the remaining amount using one and the same purchase order. This is not only easier, but also gives Basware customers even more control and a clearer overview of their indirect spend.