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And the winner is....the cloud-solution

Cloud versus on premise. A lot has already been said. Companies start to see the advantages that come along with a solid cloud-solution for purchase to pay automation and choose not to replace their on premise solution. Despite this growing trend, a great many professionals are hesitant to make the move towards cloud-solutions. For instance, because they assume that cloud-solutions are flawed with security risks. Or because cloud-solutions are supposed to be more expensive than on premise solutions. 

Unknown makes Unloved

Cloud-solutions offer a number of advantages. One such advantage is its scalability. The costs of a cloud-solution, for instance, can be tailored to the exact number of users. This is not the case with an on premise solution, which entails fixed costs regardless of the number of users. Costs that are associated with investment, interest loss, power consumption, and costs for implementation and maintenance. These are all fixed costs that won´t adapt overnight to changing business requirements. And yet business usually changes rapidly.

The Flexible and Secure Cloud

The cloud has no depreciation costs, no initial investment and is always ensured of the latest updates and security measures. The latter makes perfectly sense. What would you believe to be the most secure solution? An on premise solution that is managed by your IT department or a cloud-solution that is managed by a large team of specialists that has knowledge of the latest advances in IT security? We beg the latter.

Curious? Eager? Or sceptical?

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