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How much control do you have over your purchase to pay process?

Now that the economy is clearly picking up again, the way in which you set up your purchase to pay process requires more attention than ever. Cost savings, transparency, doing more with fewer people at a lower margin, while at the same time engaging in more intensive client contact, more sales meetings, an increasing flow of purchase invoices and successful conclusion of this first calendar month: it may sound familiar to you. However, the same applies to the turmoil that can arise if your purchase to pay process is not set up optimally. 

Unburdening with a capital U

"We regularly receive signals from the market, but one word crops up far more than others’, explains Jeroen Rozeboom, Sales Director at ICreative, the specialist in purchase to pay and e-invoicing solutions, ‘our (prospective) clients demand Unburdening. It is not unusual for companies to find that when business is good, automated processes that had been perfectly effective until then can no longer cope with increased procedural demands. Independently operating departments, different applications, administrative employees who spend more time checking than leading the process proactively: all thorns in the side of the finance manager and the business controller. After all, they are responsible for overall process improvement and continuity and it is difficult to get a handle on that if the processes and relevant automation are not integrated."

Integration is key

"Integration is the essence of our solution to Unburdening. That may sound a little poetic, but it is in fact nothing more than our realistic vision of the way in which companies should set up the overall purchase to pay process in detail." You achieve that by organising the entire purchase to pay process perfectly, from purchase to payment. After all, when you achieve full integration, you achieve oversight and flexibility, allowing employees to focus on innovation and achieving ambitious objectives. Not only does that benefit business results, but also the atmosphere, employee motivation and management’s helicopter view of the different business activities. "If your suppliers then participate in this process too by integrating orders and invoices with your purchase to pay process, you achieve Unburdening", according to Jeroen.

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Jeroen Rozeboom
Sales Director, ICreative P2P
06 645 974 097

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