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Basware Analytics Training for Accounts Payable

Basware enables continuous processing of invoices received from suppliers. However, if you like to leverage towards straight-through processing, you’ll need to start investigating the exceptions that occur in the current process. What tasks related to invoice processing are currently still manually performed? What outliers in processing lead times can be identified? And how do these relate to, for instance, the type of invoice document used by suppliers? By analysing all the available data in Basware Analytics, insights can be gained into the efficiency and effectiveness of invoice processing.

This of course begs the question how Basware Analytics should be applied to gain such insights. Our Analytics training will help you get started with Basware Analytics.



General overview Analytics

We'll start off with a basic explanation of how Analytics works. How to select data, how the user interface works and how data can be downloaded.

The data explained

The data is brought to life by visual representations. But it is especially important to understand what the data means. And especially how to interpret this in such a way that optimizations can be implemented.

Combining Basware and Analytics

By focusing on data and processes, it becomes possible to reduce as many exceptions as possible. This can be done by combining Basware and Analytics. From Analytics it is possible to start high with the selection of, for example, the suppliers that cause many exceptions. By going deeper and deeper here in Analytics, the last step is possible to check the process steps in Basware at invoice level. By combining this in the right way, steps can be taken quickly in the optimization of the processes.

Creating dashboards

In addition to the approximately 20 standard dashboards from Analytics, it is also possible to create your own dashboards. During the training, insight will be given on how to do this and what should be paid attention to.

Target audience

The training is intended for those working at the accounts payable department. We offer a similar training which is more focused on purchase.

Date & Location

  • 3 march 2022, 13:00-16:30 CET | Online (Microsoft Teams)
  • 24 may 2022, 13:00-16:30 CET | Online (Microsoft Teams)



Christian Willemsen
Business Consultant & Trainer


Euro 295 per person. Costs depend on the number of participants per company. Feel free to inquire about the costs.


Alternatively, we can provide trainings onsite or online, exclusively for companies. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities.

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