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We are system integrators, consultants, and business developers. We love to work on transforming the business of our clients into an automated and smart work enviroment. Where people aren’t struggling with the day-to-day collection, standardization and validation of information, because the right information is readily available to them. Whenever and wherever decisions have to be made. We are ICreative.


Transforming the work environment of our clients into a smart and automated operation, doesn’t happen overnight. There are no plug-and-play, off-the-shelf solutions available. Instead, the transformation results from rolling up our sleeves and getting down to work, and above all, team effort.

That’s what we have been doing since the year 2000, when ICreative was founded by Erik van Doorn and Jan Kees Meindersma. Three years later, ICreative gained partnership with the global leader in purchase to pay automation solutions, Basware. In 2011, Vincent Wouters succeeded Erik van Doorn.

Nowadays, ICreative employs about 80 people and is part of InnovestIT, founded by Erik van Doorn. Besides ICreative, the InnovestIT holding consists of Easy Systems, P2P specialist for SMBs, Coforce, specialist in software robots, and Diesis, Order to Cash specialist.

Ever since our inception in 2000, we have been financially healthy and independent. We have been growing steadily over the years and we are confident the future remains bright for us as well.

Ultimately that is also what we contribute to the business of our clients; to gain or maintain a healthy financial position.

Finance Automation Specialists

About InnovestIT Group

ICreative is part of the InnovestIT Group. The group also consists of Easy Systems, Coforce and Diesis, and shares the common ambition to help companies and organizations streamline their financial processes as much as possible through automation. The current CEO of the InnovestIT group is founder Erik van Doorn.

Easy Systems

Easy Systems develops purchase-to-pay and e-invoice software/cloud solutions and offers these to small and medium-sized enterprises.


Although most purchase-to-pay processes can be automated with Basware and Kofax technology, various related processes must still be executed manually. An example includes the collection of invoices in supplier portals. Because many of these processes are repetitive, they can be automated with so-called software robots. Coforce offers, implements and supports these robots.


Diesis offers consultancy services and supports companies with streamlining predominantly order-to-cash processes. Techhnology applied by Diesis includes Unit4 Financials (Coda), Icorp, SAP BusinessObjects, Reporting Hub, Power BI en CIC Audit-tool.

Executive Management

  • Managing Director
    Vincent Wouters,, +31 (6) 22455138
  • Sales Director
    Jeroen Rozeboom,, +31 (6) 45974097
  • Operations Director
    Kees Hakvoort,, +31 (6) 26114816

Like to join us?

If you love workflow automation, system integration, data analysis, and/or if you know all about procurement and finance, then we’d love to get acquainted.

Check out our Dutch career page

If these job openings don’t fit with your ambitions, but you still would like to get to know us, then please contact our corporate recruiter, Wouter Slot, at or +31 (0)6 45031728.

Social Responsibility

Let’s be frank. We are not in business to save the world. No greenwashing statements coming from our camp. It’s fairly obvious to see how a full blown, end-to-end automated purchase to pay process puts an end to paperwork and how this reduces the ecological impact of one’s business. But this has never been our purpose for being in business. It is just a very beneficial side-effect of what we do.

That said, we are well aware of the current state of world affairs. And how we all have a responsibility to pass on a world that is liveable for generations to come. There is nothing to be cynical about such awareness. Hence, we take account of sustainability in our own decision making, and yes, we do support various charitable foundations, including the PinkRibbon and KiKa foundation.

Be the change you’d like to see in the world.

Why ICreative

ICreative helps enterprises, institutions and governments to achieve maximum control on spend and less complexity, and consequently less operational costs, of the purchase-to-pay process. Our services:

Technology Partner

ICreative supports many organizations with implementation of Basware and Kofax technology and connection to the largest open business network in the world.

Knowledge Partner

ICreative has gained a vast amount of knowledge in the fields of purchase-to-pay and e-invoicing. Knowledge which we like to share through our Academy.

Excellence Partner

ICreative offers additional services to attain operational (P2P) excellence (maximum level of automation), including automated quality control of invoices received from suppliers.

We love to hear from you!

As Basware and Kofax partner, ICreative offers e-invoicing and purchase-to-pay solutions to large companies, institutions and governments. Our solutions provide more controle on business spend and less complexity of the purchase-to-pay process.

We’d like to keep you posted regarding purchase-to-pay and e-invoicing matters. If you’d like to exchange thoughts with us on how to improve and automate these processes, feel free to contact us.

Onze Diensten

ICreative transformeert gefragmenteerd processen met ongestructureerde informatie naar data-gedreven en intelligente purchase-to-pay en e-facturatie oplossingen.


Wij implementeren en supporteren cloud software van enkele grote wereldspelers.


Met procesoptimalisatie en verbetering van datakwaliteit leveren wij P2P Excellence.


Wij bieden continue trainingen, webinars en publicaties aan en een jaarlijkse klantendag.

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