Is your current purchase to pay solution futureproof?

It is no secret that technology is developing rapidly. This fact alone makes the choice for a supplier that delivers independent, reliable, and adaptive solutions of paramount importance. But how do you select the right supplier? Sjoerd de Heer, Solutions Architect ICreative explains: “For the sake of those rapid developments, a supplier should not only adhere to these values, but must also offer continuity and flexibility, and the latter two not always go together very well”.

Futureproof solution

“Independence, no doubt, is key. And by that I mean, a degree of independence of the business software that is being used today and tomorrow, so that newly acquired software can be smoothly implemented within the software environment that is in place. This is one of the reasons why we work with an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)”, argues Sjoerd. In plain language: The usage of ESB simplifies the communication between us as a supplier and our customers, due to applying a so-called message bus. You could consider this as a translation mechanism between all sorts of applications, that can be fully customized for the customer situation. A mechanism which disconnects the process from content.”

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purchase to pay

Basware leader in eProcurement

Ede, Netherlands, June 8 2017 – Forrester compared twelve providers of eProcurement. De research contained questionnaires, product demonstrations and discussions with client references. The vendors were then scored against a comprehensive set of 30 evaluation criteria, including current offering, strategy and market presence.

The Forrester report states that Basware excels in invoice automation. Basware’s focus on automating processes and minimizing manual approvals is unique. Besides that, Basware has the broadest functionality to manage different spend categories and invoice capture methods. Basware has been very successful selling to European multinationals.  Read more

ICreative has been ISO 9001 and 27001 certified

Ede, the Netherlands, 18 April 2017  ICreative, the Dutch Purchase-to-Pay specialist, has earned its ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications, confirming the high quality of its services. With these certifications, ICreative demonstrates that its quality management and information security are up to par. “Our range of services continues to expand and we offer e-invoicing as a service more and more often,” says Vincent Wouters, Managing Director at ICreative. “With ISO 9001 and 27001, we demonstrate the quality of our business processes and information security and the fact that continuous improvement is a core tenet of our organisation.

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ICreative chosen as Basware partner of the year

Ede, Netherlands, 13 February 2017 – ICreative has once again been chosen as Basware partner of the year. And this obviously makes us a bit proud. Especially considering the fact that about 14 years ago we gained partnership with the purchase to pay automation software giant. “It’s a clear sign of gratitude and we are still happy to receive it after all these years,” says Vincent Wouter, Managing Director, ICreative. “Over the years, Basware has evolved into a global leader in purchase to pay solutions, and in their wake, we have developed ourselves quite a bit as well. Albeit in a much smaller geographical area, but at the same time, also in a much shorter timeframe”.

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ICreative wishes you all the best for 2017

ICreative wishes you a great and prosperous 2017. We hope to see you at one of our events this year. Be sure to also join our mailinglist and stay tuned for all the latest news.

ICreative delivers automated procurement to HHNK

The Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier (HHNK) is set to work with a purchasing solution, provided by the Ede-based ICreative. With the software, the HHNK has the process of purchase to pay automated. The solution of ICreative is based on Basware Invoice software Alusta and data capture software Kofax, integrated with the existing financial system FIS2000 of Unit 4 and the document management system of Corsa.

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Government Invoicing Requirements

The national government annually receives approximately 1.5 million invoices from suppliers. From January 1, 2017 are suppliers required to send in new purchase contracts, electronic invoices (XML format) to the central government. The national government expects its suppliers to deliver their invoices from that date through Digipoort, Simplerinvoicing or manually enter invoices in the portal. This applies to all new orders and contracts that you enter into with the National Government.

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7 aandachtspunten voor de afdeling Finance

De afdeling Financiën staat, door de aard van de werkzaamheden, soms op gespannen voet met andere afdelingen binnen de organisatie. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan een ontevreden collega die een onkostendeclaratie heeft ingediend en een terugbetaling eist, of een leverancier die nog niet betaald is en wil weten waar zijn geld blijft. De afdeling Financiën wordt in 98% van de gevallen als schuldige aangewezen. Hoewel dit niet tot 0% te reduceren valt, zijn er wel stappen te zetten om de druk op de afdeling te verminderen.

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