Basware P2P

Basware offers solutions for e-invoicing and purchase-to-pay automation. It integrates seamlessly with all major ERP applications according to the most stringent security standards.


The Basware sourcing solution makes it easier to identify, evaluate, select and manage suppliers. Find the right supplier that meets your needs within the desired criteria. And bring back the search for the right supplier from weeks or months to days, thanks to an automated tendering process.

To negotiate the right price with suppliers, and to compare apples with apples, an auction can also be launched.

Manage information about your suppliers, such as orders, contracts, communication and performance, and let suppliers keep a part of this information up-to-date.


With Basware’s purchasing solution, all (indirect) expenses are brought under control by centrally managing expenses and allowing them to comply with conditions. Conditions that are defined in spend plans and contracts, for example, and are also managed with the purchasing solution.

Order requests are automatically sent by set protocols. For example, budget holders can be assigned to certain categories, so that an order request must be approved by the right people.

Thanks to an automated purchasing process, a lot of time is kept in monitoring and retrieving orders, and much more time is spent searching for and maintaining links with suppliers. These tapes can also be managed with Basware software.

White Paper | Evolutie in Automatische Factuurverwerking

Invoice processing is a repetitive activity and as such, it can be easily automated. Even at modest numbers of invoices received from suppliers, investing in a automated solution for invoice processing, pays itself off. Although automation of invoice processing should be fairly easy to accomplish, reality oftentimes proves otherwise, and the degree of automation can vary significantly, depending on many variables.

Note that the white paper is currently only available in the Dutch language.

Invoice processing

With the invoice processing solution from Basware, invoices in data format (XML) are received, and together with an attached PDF, automatically brought to the attention of budget holders who have to approve the invoice. Depending on the general ledger account to which the invoice belongs, the budget holder is automatically matched to the incoming invoices.

If use is also made of Basware’s purchasing solution, invoice processing can be fully automated. The incoming invoice is automatically compared with the order that preceded and approved. There is therefore no need for a budget holder.

Suppliers are automatically informed of the status of the invoice.

Spend Analysis

The automation of purchasing management and invoice processing brings in itself many advantages; colleagues only have to worry about exceptions, such as an invoice that differs significantly from an order; suppliers are automatically informed about the status; and the processing of information and documents is recorded automatically, which is very strong from a compliance perspective.

But the profit of automation does not stay there. Automation also increases the visibility of information enormously, and can then be acted upon. Faster and smarter than before. After all, when information relating to purchasing and payment is stored more fully and integrally, and in addition is continuously updated, access can be obtained at any time on the expenses that have been made, are currently running, and are expected.

With Basware’s analytics solution, the cash flow can be graphically predicted, working capital optimized, fraud detected, relationships with suppliers under scrutiny.

Why ICreative

ICreative helps enterprises, institutions and governments to achieve maximum control on spend and less complexity, and consequently less operational costs, of the purchase-to-pay process. Our services:

Technology Partner

ICreative supports many organizations with implementation of Basware and Kofax technology and connection to the largest open business network in the world.

Knowledge Partner

ICreative has gained a vast amount of knowledge in the fields of purchase-to-pay and e-invoicing. Knowledge which we like to share through our Academy.

Excellence Partner

ICreative offers additional services to attain operational (P2P) excellence (maximum level of automation), including automated quality control of invoices received from suppliers.

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As Basware and Kofax partner, ICreative offers e-invoicing and purchase-to-pay solutions to large companies, institutions and governments. Our solutions provide more controle on business spend and less complexity of the purchase-to-pay process.

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